Robertsnet comes back.

Hello again. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to post. Welcome to the rebirth of Robertsnet. ( Thanks to my son, the site is back online and operating. It still needs some tweaks, so expect a few changes. I’ve had a somewhat productive weekend. I listened to a webinar by Nicholas Stephenson about building an automated marketing program for your books. It wasn’t completely new information, but the webinar is well worth sitting in on. On Sunday, I listened to another webinar by Joanna Penn on steps to writing your novel. Again, it wasn’t completely new, but it provided some very good reminders and was well worth listening to. Since both webinars were free, I can post some contact information for the two speakers upon request.

I am writing away on the Chinavare’s Find tales. Hopefully, I will release Book V: The Far Pole in January or early February. Homeward Bound should be finished before summer of 2017. For those of you who haven’t read the first four books of Chinavare’s Find, Book 1: Opportunity Calls is available as a free download from several publishers. I will have the universal book links up on this site for each book within a few days.

Mark A. Roberts


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