And the beat goes on . . .

Yesterday, the most unpopular president in our history was inaugurated and he immediately began doing the things we expected him to do. Sigh. Enough politics. I love e-mail, but it’s also a curse. My inbox is flooded with posts, that I don’t really have time to read or do anything about. Most of them from people and organizations that I subscribed too. You could ask why I don’t unsubscribe from some of the mailing lists. I have, but I just keep adding more. All of them are on topics that I find interesting and or important to our life on this beloved ball of rock we call home. I had planned on sharing some of the articles that I found interesting with you, but I haven’t seemed to have gotten around to it. Y’all are probably thinking; “WooHoo!” We dodged one there. So, the beat goes on . . . Enjoy the ride. Keep your eyes open for Book Five: The Far Pole, soon to be available for an e-reader near you.


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