Distant Horizons

Click here for a preview of Distant Horizons.

Looking to purchase a version of Distant Horizons? You may find one on Amazon and Books2Read.

Distant Horizons is the third book in the Chinavare’s Find series. How do you stop a war that is officially over? Random Arthur Hause, a former history teacher/baseball coach seeks a solution to that puzzle. The story begins with Random and Sarah Elizabeth Snow traveling by sea from Echo World’s Savannah Station to Echo World’s Patagonia to begin an archaeological survey of alien ruins. As they travel, Random and Sarah are joined by a collection of characters. Random and his friends and allies soon discover that the War of Independence may be over, but the enemy has no intention of surrendering. Random and Sarah also discover that, even during war, life continues. There are more important things in life than politics and war.

Lisa Corson created the beautiful cover art for Distant Horizons, as she has done for the earlier titles in the series, Opportunity Calls and Challenges. You can see more of Lisa’s creations at Homespun Heritage.


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