Downward Leg

Click here for a preview of Downward Leg.

Looking to purchase a version of Downward Leg? You may find one on Amazon and Books2Read.

Downward Leg is the fourth title in the Chinavare’s Find series. Random Arthur Hause, a former History teacher, discovers that fighting and winning a war does not resolve the issues that brought about the war in the first place. Under his leadership, the recently formed Commonwealth of Savannah has fought and won the Off-world War of Independence. Now he must lead the Peace Conference to formalize Off-world’s independence and to legitimize the Off-world government. On the way to the Conference, he learns that humans are not the only sentient beings sharing the multiverse and that the War of Independence was simply a small part of a much larger conflict that has been raging for centuries. Until he finds a way to resolve the issues triggering the wider conflict, humanity itself is in danger. He must stop a war that has raged for centuries and torn two advanced civilizations apart.

Lisa Corson created the beautiful cover art for Downward Leg, as she has for all of the books in the Chinavare’s Find series. You can see more of Lisa’s creations at Homespun Heritage.


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