Opportunity Calls

Click here for a preview of Opportunity Calls.


Opportunity Calls is available as an e-book here https://www.books2read.com/u/4EDVgm

and here https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/1491289244/ref=pe_2313360_275105930_em_1p_0_lm

Looking for a paperback version of Opportunity Calls? You can find one on Amazon.

Opportunity Calls is the first title in the Chinavare’s Find series. Random Arthur Hause, a history teacher/baseball coach trades in his teaching career and sets out on a quest to do something meaningful. The road to Hell may be paved with good intentions, but Random soon finds himself following a road that someone else has built, where everything happens for a reason and even his dreams are not his own. Random builds an odd collection of friends, including an indentured servant named Cynthia Han. Together, Random, Cynthia, and friends save the colony of New Beijing. What do you do when you discover that you have taken on the role of the blue touch paper? The trigger of a massive upheaval in the world order.

Lisa Corson created the beautiful cover art for Opportunity Calls. You can see more of Lisa’s creations at Homespun Heritage.


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